Welcome to She & Her

Hair Studio and Spa

She & Her is a place where women can indulge in a luxurious lifestyle without putting a hole in their bank account. Between the way our hair-stylists expertly execute weave installations, the meticulous services that our make up artists offer and the knowledge our aesthetician holds, it’s hard for us, to humbly—see any competition.

We are a high-end, uniquely designed, weave bar and salon created solely to provide clients with a comfortable, remarkable, and an unforgettable experience. As soon as you enter our facilities, you will know that you are about to be served and pampered with an experience unlike any other that has been seen on Staten Island. Enjoy FREE video streaming services as you get your hair done, or sit under the dryer. Sip wine, and enjoy other refreshments while enjoying our friendly and professional staff and atmosphere.

Once you visit She & Her Hair Studio, you’ll never have to question where home is. You will undergo such a satisfying experience, that you’ll come again, and again, and again—and that is a guarantee!